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Xdolte-Transfer Money from Stolen Card

XDolte is a Hacking Tool developed to solve the issue of Transferring Funds from stolen or hacked cards in Nigeria without having OTP verification issues.
With XDOLTE Apk app specially designed for Android users, anyone can make bank transfers without OTP. Let me break down the two functions of this tool.

XDOLTE for Transfer: You only have to do your normal Bank Transaction. By entering your card number, Card cvv, card expiration date. XDOLTE PRO don’t ask for ATM pin nor OTP.

XDolte for Shopping:This Tool Have its own Inbuilt mobile Browser which makes it possible to shop on any online store in Nigeria without OTP. Provided you entered the product link using XDOLTE browser,When You Hire us to Purchase things online using your stolen cards, this is the same tool we make use of and it’s perfect when it comes to shopping online without OTP.

Stop searching for online stores that don’t request OPT because there’s non in Nigeria. But with the help of XDOLTE, your purchase is easy except for one disadvantage

How To Stay Anonymous When Using XDOLTE

XDOLTE is not completely safe when it comes to doing bank transfer as the transaction details will still be present on the account statement of the victim and with this, You can be tracked down by any government law enforcement agency.

Let me Show You

How to Use XDOLTE safely without Getting caught

I personally use the two functions of this app. For making online shopping and also for doing bank transfers. For the online shopping, the tool have four fixed IP where you can easily turn your location.

For bank Transfers,here’s how i go about it. Create Fake bank account which have nothing to do with any of your personal details. This might not be easy to archive because no accountant will open bank account without Passports and BVN.

So here’s how to bypass that.
Meet any timid man far from your location, Pay them to help you open a fake bank account, my team did this when I was in Nigeria.

They will open the account with their personal details using the New Sim card you will buy for that purpose. They will collect and Give You the ATM. Now you are good to Go.
Anytime you pick some Cards,

You can use XDOLTE to move all Funds to your Fake bank account. Then from the Fake account, Withdraw from any POS far from you, or use the funds for online transactions. With this, you will stay anonymous without trace.

But if you think You can stay safe using your personal account, You are free but whatever happens to you will be upon you as we will not be responsible for any act of law carried out in you.

Is Xdolte Software Legit or Scam?

The Xdolte apk tool is perfectly working as explained here,as at the date this article is published. It’s mainly used to remove money from any debit or credit card both locally and internationally which does not belongs to you.

This software is highly recommended,and very safe and secure in carrying out operation.

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