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Instant Virtual Card for Paypal verification

24hrs Instant Virtual Card For Paypal Verification:We have Tested this Method with Nigerian friends and have found out it work exclusively for Nigerians.However,if you live outside Nigeria and you need Virtual cards for Paypal verification,You can contact us to get some at cheap rate.

Let’s continue with the tutorial on How to Get Virtual Cards for PayPal verification.Hope this will be the solution to your findings.

Immediately after creating your PayPal account,The next action is linking Your Card or Bank but so sad,almost all the countries PayPal accounts don’t work with bank linking except USA account which allows you to link your payoneer bank.

Just is in case you are wondering if it’s must to link Card or Bank with PayPal.Not at all as you can use PayPal to send and receive without linking bank or card but there are many limitations involved which I may not be able to discuss here.

But always know that until you link and confirm card or Bank, Your PayPal account status will remain unverified but once card or bank is linked and confirmed your account will be verified and you can now see the below when checked.

Having Learned that it’s important to link card or Bank with PayPal not just because you wanna withdraw but also to lift your transaction limit and keep your account status verified as shown above.

You will only Get the above message when you have linked and confirmed card. Let’s quickly skip to the main topic of today“How to get Virtual card for PayPal verification”.

When you Google the keywords “How to get Virtual cards for PayPal verification” You will get many answers but most of these websites which offers VCC are demn too expensive and unaffordable and that’s one reason i don’t cherish them.

There’s one platform which I always use and that’s what am Going to share with you today. They are just perfect when it comes to getting cheap VCC for paypal verification online.

If You need instant verification VCC then you should consider using Flutterwave/Getbarter as they are fast, Cheap and Reliable but this service is available only for Nigerians. If You need Cheap VCC and you live outside Nigeria, You can contact us for aid
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How Does Getbarter Work

Getbarter Allows you to Create Virtual cards for as low as 2$. You can also create multiple Cards with the exchange rate of 360/$ as at the time of writing this post.

All You need is Download and Install Getbarter App on your Android Phone. launch and register for free.

Enter your Details correctly.Your name,Email,Password and Phone number

When you are done with the registration, Login your account and your dashboard look like below shot. Make sure you have verified your BVN from settings page after that,Click On Add Money at the top to Fund Your Wallet.

Fund Your wallet using Your Naira Card or Bank,Just like you are making payments online. After funding wallet, Click On Card at the buttom of your app. And from the next page, you will see a default card in your name. Don’t use that card as it’s not useful here

To create New Card, Click on the Plus sign on the card page and a new page will show up.

Continue to the next page and enter the amount you wanna fund in your card. The lowest you can you to create new card is $2.

Immediately you click on Create Card and it’s done, Your card will be ready for use. Just scroll back to the Card page and you will see the newly created Card. Copy your Card number, Card CVV, and Expiry Date. Now it’s time to link and confirm card with PayPal.

Login your PayPal account Click on add card/Bank.Select the option to add card. Enter your card details and save. Request confirmation code by clicking on confirm card and you will get the four digits code to your Getbarter card statement.

Enter the four digits code to confirm your card and your PayPal transaction limit will be lifted as stated earlier. Now your account is verified as well.

If you link Card with Web and it didn’t work, Consider using PayPal mobile app. If PayPal show you Billing address Error while linking Card,Just Login Your Getbarter app,Turn off and Turn on the Card you Created then go back and link Card again it will work irrespective of the billing address you’ve got.

If you find the above tips helpful on how to get Virtual card for PayPal verification,kindly share and tweet us below.

If You encounter Any issue during the whole process of creating and Linking your Card with PayPal, You can contact us for help.
NOTE:card is not meant for withdrawal but for verification and to raise your transaction limit

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