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How to buy Bitcoin without OTP verification in Nigeria

In this article precisely,we are going to discuss how you can buy Bitcoin without OTP or ID verification in Nigeria

of course you all know that,if you want to make bitcoin purchases with any of the above wallet, such as, blockchain, Coinbase, Paxful, etc

you will definitely need to submit some relevant documents which includes

Government issued photo ID.
National Identity Card.
driver’s license.and then get verified first, before you’re allowed to buy Bitcoin

Over some mouths now,have been trying to buy Bitcoin using my blockchain wallet,which I created newly,i was ask to submit these documents,before I could proceed my purchase,Haven provided the required documents,still I wasn’t verified and than received an email stating my documents,are not correct of which they do.

This makes it very difficult for so many people to create a new account and get it verified just like as experienced , instead they purchase Hack blockchain, Coinbase or Paxful accounts here online was included too. Until
recently,we received an update guide on how to bypass Otp or ID verification in buying bitcoin from blockchain, Coinbase,from our hackers

we noticed that,this newly update,has been here online,which some guys uses to do wonders, buying cars and cashing out bitcoin all day.It’s awesome

With this update,you can purchase bitcoin with stolen credit or debit card to your coinbase,or Paxful wallet instantly

This enables your transaction to be anonymous,in the sense that you can withdraw the money using bitcoin wallet.

Required Details To Buy Bitcoin Without Otp Verification using this update

All You need is the Credit / Debit Card details such as the Cvv, Card number and Expiry date.

You don’t need the Card pin or other details like phone number for receiving authorization code as that won’t be necessary.

With this newly update,you can become a millionaire over night.Have earn so much from this update,over three weeks now you can as well start earning.


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