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My name is Thom peter, and I am the Chief content writer at quicktaker. I am a Cybersecurity Expert and Software Developer with over 10 years of experience. I discuss Business, Technology, Online Security, and exposing scams online.

I lecture people on the following;

✅ How to make money

✅ Different ways you can be exploited on the internet

✅ How to spot scams and avoid them

✅ How to protect your finances

✅ And easy ways to make money ethically.

How We Research

I combine my knowledge of online marketing, cybersecurity and technology to create actionable contents that help our readers.

In a bid to get more details, I interview people involved in a lot of things, and I expose the working principle behind a lot of scam activities.

Most of my posts are written to educate people, while also optimized for Google, Bing, and other search engines.

We do not publish our research to encourage illegal activities. Instead, we do so to enlighten the general public. We also publish legal money hacks which we most encourage our users to participate in. So, the philosophy of our culture is simple; “enlightening society and making the common man an elite”.

Every publication on Quicktakers takes weeks to months of valid research from our team. After this we use the singular pronouns ‘I’, ‘ME’, ‘YOU’, etc. to make readers understand the information.

Do note that our content are strongly covered by DMCA to keep off content thieves.

My Vision

My vision is to educate people on smarter ways to make money legally, while also exposing certain scams that they might fall victim to.

I write about how several hustles work, with no intention of convincing people to start them. They are strictly for educational purposes.

My Principles

The Smart Lazy Hustler is a learning hub for entrepreneurs and a fast-growing internet citadel for growth hacking. We do NOT encourage internet fraud, including but not restricted to phishing, unethical hacking, carding, etc.

Learn from us today…

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