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How to withdraw money from paypal In Philippines

In other to be able to withdraw your PayPal funds from Philippines, these are teams and conditions you must consider for successful withdrawal directly to your bank account.

1.Your PayPal account needs to be filled with enough money.

2.You will be directed to the Withdraw Funds page after clicking “Withdraw

3.To withdraw funds from your bank account, select “Withdraw funds”.

4.Your bank account will be credited with the amount you have entered

How To fund Your PayPal Account In Philippines?

You are not permitted fund your PayPal account using your Philippine bank account or credit card. The only way to add money to PayPal is to transfer the funds from another PayPal account, via direct payment to your PayPal account or by receiving money from another PayPal user.

How Do I Withdraw Money From Paypal Without A Bank Account?

Wallet can be accessed by tapping your PayPal balance (if you are using the PayPal app). Step 3. You can withdraw money by clicking ‘Withdraw Money’.

Can I Link My Philippine Bank Account To Paypal?

You can sign up for the service at www. You can select “Philippines” as the country by going to The Philippine Peso should be selected as the primary currency. You can link any Security Bank checking or savings account to your PayPal account for free

To withdraw funds from your bank account, select “Withdraw funds”.

Your bank account will be credited with the amount you have entered

What Philippine Banks Accept Paypal?











What Banks Are Compatible With Paypal?

A branch of Bank of America.

The BNY Mellon bank.


The JPMorgan Chase bank




Minimum Amount From PayPal To Bank Account In Philippines Now
The minimum amount of withdrawal in the Philippines is P500

How long Should You Wait Before The Withdrawal Gets Completed?

The entire process should take a minimum of 2 business days to be completed (i.e. from PayPal to your bank account). Take note that there are 2 major processing done. The first one is when PayPal sends it, and the second one is when your bank receives it (after clearance).

Receiving Money From Paypal Using Unionbank’s EON?

Note If withdrawing via a bank does not work for you, there are still other alternatives to make use of your PayPal balance such as transferring your money via GCash.

Uses Of PayPal In Philippines?

1.Sending And Requesting Money

You can send money straight to someone’s PayPal account simply by providing his email address. You can also request money from other PayPal users. To send or request money, just click “Send & Request” on the top menu and follow the instructions.

Take note that there’s a transaction fee of 3.9% plus ₱15 for domestic payments within the Philippines, and 4.4% + $0.30 for international transfers. You can use this PayPal fee calculator to determine the additional charges.

You can choose “Sending to a friend” to transfer money to someone without being charged transaction fees.

2.Freelancing And Online Jobs

PayPal is the preferred payment method for many employers and freelance workers. If you want to earn a living from the Internet,a PayPal account is a must-have in your arsenal. Employers can pay your salary through Paypal, and you can then transfer the money to your bank account.

3.Paying For Online Purchases

You might find PayPal useful for online shopping and purchases. Any website or e-commerce platform worth its salt has PayPal as a payment option. Most merchants allow customers to pay instantly and seamlessly using PayPal checkout.

How To Transfer Money Using PayPal Philippines

PayPal to BPI or any Bank Account

PayPal to bpi or any bank account
The traditional way to cash out PayPal balance is to do a PayPal to bank account transfer (savings or checking account). It’s the slowest and most expensive PayPal money transfer method, but it’s your only choice if you have no digital wallet like GCash and

How To Transfer Money From PayPal To Any Bank Account In The Philippines

1.Log in to your PayPal account.

2.Below your PayPal balance, click the Transfer Funds button.

3.Choose the bank account where you’ll transfer your PayPal balance. Click the Next button.

4.Enter the amount to transfer. Click the Next button.

5.Review your withdrawal details. Click on “Transfer

How Long Does It Take To Receive PayPal Money?

How soon you’ll receive your PayPal funds depends on where you transferred your money.For instance,if you want to know the PayPal to BPI transfer time,it can be instantly,within the day,or up to four banking days.Typically, money transfers get completed faster using a mobile wallet than a bank account.

For first-time PayPal to bank transfers, PayPal may temporarily hold the funds received in the bank account for several reasons[2].

At a glance,here’s a table showing how long you can expect to receive money using different PayPal fund transfer methods.

What Are The PayPal Fees?

Certain PayPal transactions come with a fee, which is deducted from the transferred amount. But there’s no PayPal to PayPal transfer fee in the Philippines because it’s the recipient will cover the fees. If it’s an overseas payment in a different currency,there will be fees.

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