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Blackmailing Billing Format For Yahoo

If you’re searching for the best format to start yahoo,then i must recommend you check out the blackmailing yahoo formats which is currently paying in the street now.

The blackmailing format also known as 419,has been in existence for centuries but are done in different methods which includes face to face blackmailing or the digital method which is popularly done in the social media platforms such as facebook,twitter,LinkedIn,Xing,Instagram etc.

Before we continue,i would want you to understand what the term blackmailing means:

What is blackmailing yahoo format?

Blackmailing yahoo formats, is the act of getting money from people or forcing them to do something by threatening to tell a secret of theirs or to harm them.

Found it interesting?

Haven understand the meaning of the blackmailing format, the following are what you should consider before using the format.

1.What are the consequences when caught the blackmailing format a serious crime?

Well as you already know, fraudulent crimes are very serious in almost all the countries in the world. And any one caught in the blackmailing act would likely be jailed as it’s against the constitution. But still, guys uses this format to Cashout money from clients without a second thought.

In case you are interested in using this blackmailing format to hustle, at the end of this article, i will publish it for you here and also, i will be teaching you strategies to use this format without being caught by the securities.

Best Social Media Platforms To Use The Yahoo Blackmailing Format

The following sites are where to make use of the yahoo blackmail format and its 100% guaranteed success. Currently working at the moment.
Includes the following:
Facebook, Instagram, Dating Sites,Email
Postal Office

After creating an account on any of the mentioned social networks,
First Note:there are different ways the blackmailing format are used which includes the following :

Examples Of Blackmailing format for yahoo

Before using this format, first is to choose from the following methods which we will be listing below on how to use it for your client.

Sexual Blackmailing format

The Sexual blackmailing format for yahoo as known as the Dating or romance scam.

When using this format, you will have to create an account on any of the social media such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing etc. In search of love by using the blackmailing format.

In this format, you will act as a man or woman searching for love on the internet after which you can then start getting sex chats with him or her. And so sending them romantic messages, later run you can ask them to send you naked pictures any moment you noticed they are in the mood.

You should ask them to send you nude photos constantly so you can gather enough Pics showing their full body and real faces.

If you have gotten enough sexy and naked pics of the client’s, then you can rise a quarry that she’s going out with some other men and as a result, you’re going to publish their nude photos online as a revenge. This will lead to billing, and then you can ask money from them continually until they go broke and can no longer pay.

Emotional Yahoo Blackmailing format

This blackmail format is almost similar to that of se…xual blackmail. Here,you have to play with the target’s
emotions until you get paid. Simply, use the same step in that of se…xual blackmail to gather clients.

After having the clients, engage in at least a week chat with them. While this format is not often used is
because it isn’t as dangerous as that of sexual blackmail. This is because you need enough time to get the girl
or man to trust and love you.

The Defamation Blackmailing Format

When using this format you will need to target someone who’s related to a crime

You can mail them that you’re aware of the recent crime they committed. That you’re going to expose them unless they agree to pay. use this format on lawyers, politicians, top celebrities etc or any person that is wealthy.

Before then, sure you gather enough claims about their crimes.

How to write a defamation blackmailing format?

For instance, if you know of a man who sleeps around with married women, you can send him a mail. Telling him you know how he goes around sleeping with married women and that you have camera enough proofs.which you are going to expose unless he agrees to pay you.

Sample of blackmailing format for yahoo

I’m to inform you that, we caught you on the crime you recently committed which will not be stated here in detailed.and we are going to expose you by publishing it out to the whole world and also speaking to the awareness of your families and friends soon.

To protect your privacy, kindly complied with our demands or? Considered this exposed.
We also have a full detailed camera which will also serve as proof to everyone.

Sure you know what that means.

Haven known how to compose the blackmailing yahoo format



To receive payment after successful blackmail of any kind is not hard. All you have to do is to create a BTC wallet or a fake bank account and then copy your details promptly to the client.and then instruct him or her on how to make the payment.

In Conclusion

I made this article to lecture you on how to guys blackmail someone and collect money. Which contains two sample
blackmail letters for innocent and guilty clients. Read on it so that you can be perfect when running any of.

For more guides,kindly hit us via our contact section as we are always ready to assist you.

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