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How To Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

After much,questions asked by some of our visitors owning Amazon gifts cards in their custody which they collected from their clients but finding it so difficult to check the Amazon Gift Balance without redeeming the card.

In this article,we have decided to share with you simple practical guide on how to check your Amazon Gift card balance here online fast and easy without Redeeming.

Before we continue,for the sake of the newbie whom have not yet understand the Amazon. I’m going to write down a brief explanation of What Amazon.Com is all about, for easy understanding

What is Amazon.Com All About is an international multinational technology company which focuses on e-commerce,cloud computing, digital streaming, and human intelligence., founded by Jeff Bezos on July 1994 in Bellevue Washington DC united states

Without much wasting of time, let’s get to today headline which is:

How To Check Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming

kindly Follow The Practical Description Above :

METHOD/STEP1:Locate the Gift card Claim Code

Which is on the back of the card 14 or 15 digits code, usually sent either physical card, paper receipt, or email,there after you can scratch the protecting coating that covers the code.

You can only use this method if you want to check the balance that you purchased from someone else but incase you want to use it yourself you can apply it to your Amazon account.

2 Sign up or sign in your Amazon account
You can now login your Amazon account, incase you don’t have,then you will have to create one now before proceeding

3. When done? Search for help in your Amazon account now
Tap the help and then press the Enter button

4.You can now chat with the costumers support agent.

Click on the Help and costumers service find at the top of the screen..

5.Send a message saying you want to find the balance of your gift gift without redeeming, when the chat opens, you press enter or return, which you will directly send the message to the support costumers agent

6.after then, Provide the the claim code to the support agent and request for the balance, and then he will be able to check the balance without redeeming


How to Redeem a gift card in the Amazon mobile app


1.Open the Amazon app on your Android or iPhone, it’s brown icon in color with a curve black line.

If you haven’t the Amazon mobile app, you can download it on playstore Android or iPad iPhone.

This method will display the balance of the gift card in your Amazon account, so you can only utilize this method, if the the gift card is for you. If it’s for someone else,you can only verify the balance by contacting the customer support agent.

2.Sign in your Amazon account
If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can now create one., select create account, and follow the procedures

3.Tap the three line menu, which is on top of the left corner or the bottom right corner.

4.Tap Account, it nears the bottom of the screen, a long list of settings displays.

5.Scroll down and tap on manage gift card and then you will see your current gift card balance on the top of the screen

6.Tap Redeem gift card or another gift card , near the top of the screen.

7.Locate your claim code.

8.Enter or click on scan your claim code

9.Tap apply to your Balance

Here is a practical description on how you can check your Amazon Gift card balance without being redeemed

Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions,if more clarification, message us on telegram or comment in our comments section, we quicktakers value our clients so much

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