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Get Instant Paypal Key For Paypal Account

PayPal Key lets you use your PayPal funds almost anywhere that accepts MasterCard.If you live in the US,here’s how you can take advantage of it.

As Already known,PayPal is a popular method of sending cash to your friends, making purchases online, and even receiving payments. The service is fast and easy to set up and is one of the safest payment methods available on the market today.

Unfortunately,not every online retailer (or even brick-and-mortar store) accepts PayPal.However,with PayPal’s new PayPal Key feature,you can purchase from any online retailer that accepts MasterCard.

PayPal Key is a virtual card similar to a debit card, except for the fact that it is linked to your PayPal account. Hence, there’s no need to add another card to your wallet.

It’s uses the funds inside your PayPal account, bank account, credit, or debit card to pay for purchases from any retailer that accepts MasterCard, regardless of whether they accept PayPal or not.

The “key” part of PayPal Key is a 16-digit numeric code you enter, just like a credit or debit card number. It also features an expiration date and a security code.

Where Can You Use PayPal Key?

You can use it anywhere that accepts MasterCard. While the primary benefit is using PayPal Key online, you can always enter your 16-digit card number at any physical store to complete a purchase

Currently,PayPal Key is only available to US-based customers. However, US customers can use PayPal Key abroad so long as, again, the retailer accepts MasterCard.

Are There Any Fees Involved?

There are no fees to sign-up for and use a PayPal Key within the US. However,if you make a transaction with a non-US merchant, there is a 1.1% transaction fee

How to Get Your Own PayPal Key

Ready to make online purchases via PayPal and PayPal Key?

If so,you’ll first need to get your own PayPal Key through your account. Follow these steps to get started:

Login to your PayPal account.

You should see the PayPal Key icon at the top of your screen or a link elsewhere,depending on whether you’re using your phone or a computer.But if you’re having trouble finding it,head over to this PayPal link.

Choose which payment method you wish to use to fund your PayPal Key.
Now,click on Agree & Get Your Key to finalize.

Once you get your 16-digit key, you’re all set to use it.So,let’s move on to the exciting part where we discuss how to make purchases with your PayPal Key

How to Use PayPal Key to Make Purchases

After signing up for your PayPal Key, it’s time to make your first purchase. For this example, we will use Amazon as the retailer currently doesn’t accept PayPal as a traditional payment method.

First,the fun part.Go ahead and fill up that cart!Then,follow these steps to use PayPal Key:

1 Navigate to your shopping cart and click on Proceed to checkout.

2 When asked for your payment method, you’ll need to select Add a credit or debit card.

3 Pull up your PayPal Key using the PayPal mobile app or your browser. You’ll either find it on your Home page or via the PayPal Key icon at the top of your screen

4 Enter your 16-digit PayPal Key number into the Card number field.

5 Enter your Name on card and Expiration date listed for your PayPal Key.

6 Add the card and then continue with your purchase< This process will likely be similar for any other online retailer. Wherever you require a credit or debit card number, you can simply enter your PayPal Key. It’s simple, safe, and only takes a few seconds to do. it’s enables You Shop Anywhere You Like If you’re looking for a safe and simple alternative to traditional payment cards,PayPal Key might be a great choice for you.All you have to do is open a free PayPal account,grab your 16-digit key, and start shopping just like you would with a credit or debit card. Is it Still Available?

PayPal Key was discontinued on April 20, 2022. However, users were never able to use PayPal Key in person,because it wasn’t a physical card. For in-store purchases,you will need to use PayPal’s debit card.

How do I qualify for a PayPal key

If you have a PayPal Balance account, the PayPal Key is issued directly to you by The Bancorp Bank and the following Agreement applies. The term PayPal Balance account refers to a PayPal Balance account and includes any account currently or previously known as a PayPal Cash or a PayPal Cash Plus account.
Steps To Claim Money On Paypal Without SSN Proof

Alternatives of PayPal key

Includes Capital One Eno,Citi,Wells Fargo,and others.There’s also Masterpass and Visa Checkout which support cards from any network.Some people may prefer to use their mobile wallets (like Apple Pay),which also encrypts credit card information

Does Paypal Have Virtual Card?

You can use your PayPal virtual card number to pay bills or make purchases using your PayPal balance,and if you’re a Chase Freedom Flex or Discover it Cash Back cardholder,PayPal Key could help you earn rewards when shopping on websites that don’t accept PayPal

Is PayPal Key Safer?

Fortunately,PayPal Key is a safe way to pay for items online or over the phone for a couple of reasons. One reason is that the virtual card information that is generated masks your real information, so scammers can’t steal it.

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