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Latest Amazon free shipping trick 2023

In this article,I’m going to teach you easy guide on how to get free shipping from the Amazon, without being an Amazon prime member.

The annual cost of becoming Amazon prime membership is fast increasing all day from $119 a year to $139. Due to this effect,easy tricks are out which enables you to ship freely from Amazon store without paying the prime member fee.

How is that possible?

It’s Fast And Easy!

Kindly follow these Steps below

1.Add Filler Items

Filler items,simply means those items that you Bought just to fill your online shopping cart and meet a minimum price rate. You can now find Amazon deals but ordering an item that doesn’t exceed that $49 minimum.

highly recommended websites like and you to input the amount you need to add to get free shipping and the results will display While you might receive search result duds (VHS tapes?),

these sites could also get you free shipping and a headphone splitter or Maybelline lip low as $3

2.Add Pre-order Items

This will give you a maximum $49 cart total quick and also reserve your place in line for new order .

For instance,If you place pre-order items in your cart,and then check out, they’ll count toward the total purchase, but will only be charged upon delivery

You can find hotly anticipated new book releases for pre-order items and video games.If you don’t end up wanting the item,you can cancel the order before it ships.

3.Use the Subscribe and Save program

The subscribe and save program allows you to skip deliveries as needed or change the frequency of deliveries. For instance if there’s an item you no longer need every month,you can switch to deliveries any other month of your choice

it also pays to sign up for deliveries via Subscribe and Save. Not only might you save money by snagging products at a discount,but the items you sign up to get delivered automatically will ship out for free.

4.Amazon Prime student discount

You could get a deep discount on Amazon Prime when signing up as a student. You need to have a address or a way for Amazon to verify your student eligibility.

Join Amazon Student to get 50% off an Amazon Prime Membership for the next 4 years.Although $50 may be high to pay for an Amazon Prime Membership,it comes with many perks,apart from the free 2-day shipping.

5.Buy lightweight items

Making Amazon purchases for lightweight items can earn you free shipping without Amazon Prime. Some Amazon Marketplace sellers do offer free shipping for more orders since the items do not cost a fortune to ship

You can find items like these under “Other Sellers” Such items even cost less than Amazon actually sells them for. The downside is that the item will arrive in 5-7 days.

6.Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime

If you haven’t been an Amazon Prime member in the last 12 months, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial that gives you access to all of the program’s features.

Even if you’re convinced you don’t want to pay for Prime,you can time your 30-day trial to when you expect to do a lot of online ordering and avoid shipping fees for a period of time.

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