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How to recover Disabled Facebook account without ID

Recover Your Disabled Facebook Account Without ID Under 5minutes

In this article, I’m going to teach you easy and quickest method at which you can recover your Disabled Facebook Account Without submitting any ID.

As you already know these days. Mark Zuckerberg disables any Facebook account that is suspected to be scam.

Haven received many complaints from our followers across the country, who uses the Facebook as their major source of hustling, if there is any way they could recover their disabled Facebook account. Without the submittion of ID. As always requested by Facebook.

Since then, we have been making researchs, to get a solution to this problem.

Before now, I know you might be wondering if Disabled Facebook Account,can still work again.
Well worry no more for we got the solution to your problem.

I’m sure you understands what it means, when your Facebook account is being disabled. in case you don’t, this a simple breakdown of what it means

When Facebook disables your account, you won’t be able to log in. This means you can no longer engage your customers or interact with friends. Your account could be blocked for many reasons, and the kind of reason determines if you’d ever get it back – Facebook handles each case differently.

Reasons Why Facebook Disables Your Account?

Typically, when your Facebook account is disabled, you’ll get a notification that your account has been disabled when trying to log in. Therefore, if you do not get the “account disabled” message, your account is still active and you have a different login problem, such as temporary blocking.

Facebook will disable any account that does not follow Facebook terms including:

Using a Fake ID

Using a fake ID includes a fake name, profile picture, and other signup information. If you opened your Facebook account with a fake ID, Facebook thinks you could be

Scammers usually uses formats on clients. Political participants can do the same to misguide the public, so Facebook will get the account disabled. But there’s secret, I will be teaching you on how fake your Facebook account without get blocked or disabled. In our next article. 3 So Don’t miss this great secret to Bypass Facebook account disable

Unacceptable Behavior

If you are a Facebook troll, this could be the reason Facebook disabled your account, typically after a series of warnings you ignored. If you engage in e-wars, abuse, and cuss at anyone, your account will be reported by multiple people, getting it disabled.

Contacting and harassing other people, even on Facebook Messenger, will get your account disabled. Facebook does not permit abusive conduct.


IF you are the kind that constantly promote on Facebook by posting links to your page or business all over Facebook groups, pages, etc., your account gets disabled. Facebook is not only built for meeting friends but also for business. So, if you need Facebook for promotions, you need to pay. Start by creating a business page or account and run paid ads. If this is the reason Facebook disabled your account, all you have to do is contact them and ask to run ads.

Hacked Account

Perhaps, you did nothing wrong when you received the “account disabled” message. It is possible that your Fb account was compromised and hijacked by someone else. They used your account for fraud, so Facebook flagged and shut it down

How to recover disabled Facebook account without ID
You now know why Facebook disabled your account, so how do you recover your disabled Facebook account if you have no ID:

Appeal Via The Recovery Link

Before using the recovery link Facebook sent to your registered email address, use a friend’s account to check your profile. If you can still view your account timeline, it may be merely blocked and still accessible.

Note that the recovery URL may still require your ID. If that’s the case, move to the next method to recover a disabled Facebook account without ID..

Also try accessing your account via a search engine like Google. Search your Facebook profile name on Google and click the link. If Facebook says the URL is not available, the account has been disabled.

You need to submit an appeal but this usually requires your ID, depending mostly on the activity that caused the disablement. The recovery link is available in the email inbox connected to your Facebook account.

Your friend can’t receive any recovery information about your account. They can’t also attempt to send appeals to Facebook on your behalf unless you permit them to do so.

If your Facebook account has been hacked by another person, you should immediately recover your password using your email address. Further secure your account by changing your email password, which the hacker may have compromised.

2.Fake your ID

Your Facebook account may have been disabled by mistake. If this is the case, you can have the Facebook team review and re-enable it.

Follow the recovery link in your email address to submit more information to Facebook to enable the account. Note that this only works if it is less than 30 days since the account was disabled. Otherwise, Facebook will permanently disable the account and prevent you from using the “request a review” feature.

If it turns out that your account was not disabled by mistake, the solution is to fake your ID – just create a fake ID to have the profile reviewed, validated, and enabled again.

Let’s say you initially created a fake Facebook account. You can use ID generators such as Fake Name Generator, ElfQrin, and Fake-ID to make phony IDs that look real. Just use the account name as the name on the ID and select a country whose IP you’ve been using to access the account.

How Disabled Facebook and ID Verification Works

Depending on your account activities, Facebook may not warn you before disabling the account. Unfortunately, if your account has been disabled for severe violations such as animal abuse, child pornography, impersonation, and threat/harassment of another user, to mention a few, Facebook will not restore your disabled account – ID or no ID.

The fake ID you will use since you have no ID may be encrypted and stored for up to 1 year by Facebook. Thus, if you try to use that ID again within 365 days on Facebook, the automated systems will detect and flag the fake ID.


There are not many loopholes available to get past the ID review process as evident in this guide. The reason is that Facebook staff manually review your account. Therefore, your best shot is to submit a fake ID that looks real. Some Facebook users even obtain the blue tick verification by faking their documents – Facebook employees are human after all.

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