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FbI Billing Format For Yahoo Download

In this article we are going to discuss the fbi yahoo formats used by scammers known as yahoo Boys.

Before we continue, i guess everyone knows what the fbi means. Incase you don’t know well this article will help you to understand better.

What is fbi?

The FBI is a government agency in the United States that investigates crimes in which a national law is broken or in which the country’s security is threatened. FBI is an abbreviation for ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation

What is fbi format for yahoo?

The FBI format is slightly similar with the Blackmailing Billing Format For Yahoo which we discussed in our previous post. If you have been following, you can as well check out for easy Understanding.

The FBI Format is also called blackmail as both formats are similar both are done in different ways.

This very yahoo format is done to clients who are very stubborn and does not want to pay. With the fbi format they can easily fall victim as they are always scared of them.

At the end of this article, I’m gonna be dropping the sample of the fbi yahoo formats, so you can beware each time you come across any of these terms.or as a yahoo boy, you could also make use of the format for hustling. Because In the last two years, hustlers practicing the FBI format can boast of $7,000,000. Surprisingly, the figure keeps rising, and experts expect it to reach over $20,000,000 by 2025. If you want to partake in the national cake, this article is the way forward.

How Does FBI Yahoo Format Works?

This format are often used on stubborn clients and clients who claims to be very smart by refusing to pay in dating billing format, blackmailing etc.

Before applying this format on your client, there are certain requirements you need to get ready for the job to be real. in the sense that your client won’t feel is a game.

Requirements For FBI Formats

1.Fake Email Address

You should first of all get your email address ready. I believe you know how to create an email address? If No, visit their web at to get registered.

NOTE :when creating your email address which you want to use for the fbi format, get cet a custom FBI email address for instance using any of these, FBI@gov,security@gov, FBI@crime OfficialFBI@nationalFBI@security etc so that it could appear scary and convincing. To make their payments fast.

2.Grammarly Premium
Download and install Grammarly in whatever you’re using for the FBI format for yahoo. Migrate to the premium account or buy a premium Grammarly account from the black market. Finally, set your Language to American English, and everything is ready

3.Fake Bank Account

Getting a fake bank account could be difficult because Americans are very smart. The bank name must have something to do with the FBI to convince the client better.which is not gonna be possible as they could get you arrested if caught in this act. Instead you’re advised to make use of the btc address while receiving payments from clients that will be more easier and stress free.

4.BTC Wallet

As stated earlier, this is the best method highly recommended to receive payments because it’s more safer compared to the fake bank account method. you should get your Bitcoin address ready!

How to Use The FBI Format for Yahoo?

Chat Love And Trust

Before using the fbi format, on your clients, you should first of all connect with your clients better, For example, you can connect with a client using Dating billing or any other billing format of your choice.
And also, endeavor to gather personal details from the client at the start of the billing format. You will need those details for a fake FBI warning message using the FBI format for blackmail.

Request for Money
You can now use your preferred format at which you wanna use to Bill your clients.

By send the Fake FBI Warning below

Samples Of Fake FBI Warning Message 1

“SUBJECT – Your Time is Up!

Hi, Mary Ken

We have received information that the money you transferred to a certain {insert name} was used for a scam operation. Because of that, you have been charged with the offense of being an accomplice to a scam operation that made an American citizen by name {insert any name} lose over $200,000.

I have been charged to handle your case and prosecute you according to the laws of and constitution of the United States of America. I understand the nature of the transaction but remember that the law is an ass – of which I see you are truly innocent.

Here is what I want you to do. First, you must not disclose this email to anyone. If you do and this information leaks, I will find you personally and pass brutal judgment on you before I also go down. Secondly, You’d have to compensate me for my efforts in making sure that your file case would get missing; that is the only way I can be of assistance.

You know how corrupt the bureau is, and discarding your case file would also involve others who would assist me in making sure the case is dead.

As a result of this, I am giving you an opportunity to pay me and my team a certain amount of money to enable us to execute this immediately. We know you are innocent, but all evidence is pointing out that you sponsored the scam operation. Just to let you know, the bank has cleared it off from your statement, and we have the only copy that has it.

We would need just $1,000 worth of BTC paid before tomorrow by 2 p.m. at the address below;

BTC Address: Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Amount: US$1,000

After 48 hours, I shall have no powers to suspend and eventually cancel the agency’s operation.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert S. Mueller, III

FBI Director

FBI Sample Warning Message 2


Division 7

Special Fort 6 Agent

Nile Lane

Fake FBI Warning Message

“SUBJECT: FBI – Murderer Offence, To Be Shot On Sight

Dear Mary Ken,

It is the umpteenth time the agency is messaging you regarding a murder in St. Allen. We recently recalled the murder summary document from the court being protected by the Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e) concerning a murder case pointing to you.

The documents, permitting the FBI to eliminate you on sight, neared being signed but we recalled immediately considering the laws of the human rights violation. However, the agency, deeming you a murderer, has withdrawn your fundamental human rights.

Being that we are yet to receive a response from you, I, being the fort head command, have halted the operation. Regarding the pressures from the bureau, the agency is moving in on you using every available and sophisticated tool at our disposal. It may cost your life, but the agency not be responsible for the loss of your life.

FBI Case No.: 4578DG

Criminal’s Name: Mary Ken

Local Case Number: 367G7HD

The agency has 48 hours from the moment you read this message. Note, that the moment you open this message, the agency is alerted.

You are to suspend the operation by making payments into the details provided below

BTC Address: Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Amount: US$300

After 48 hours,I shall have no powers to suspend and eventually cancel the agency’s operation.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert S. Mueller, III

FBI Director

In Conclusion

Even after you apply the FBI format, they’ll still not fall easily.Some young people will,out of fear,submit themselves to the FBI to claim they have done nothing wrong. When that happens, the mission fails, and the hustling ends. Also, read the Hook Up Billing Format For client Download to improve your hustling skills.

For any format,you want to pull on clients,use the SEARCH option to find that format on this website. Follow the guide,and you’re good to go.

See you in our next article!

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