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Latest video calling App For Yahoo

In today’s article i will be sharing with you, most latest applications in which you can use for Yahoo. They are in order words referred to as Video calling apps for Yahoo.

Video Calling app for Yahoo

1.OoVoo is one of the best video chating apps that offers high-quality video and audio for you to have a good video communication. Like other VC apps, it also works on 4G,3G and Wi-Fi connections. It integrates your Facebook and Twitter accounts for you to chat with them. OoVoo allows a group video chatting of up to 12 people simultaneously, making it the favorite over other apps. You can make 5 of your friends in your speed dial and use its real-time filters.

All video calling and chatting apps have their own benefits, some offer great face masks and some better connectivity. Installing one app out of the pool should be based on your needs and the objective for which it will be used. If you are looking for something professional, you may want to skip the avatars while talking to your clients.

2.Tango is one of the oldest video calling apps. At one point, it used to be a much sought after app. It still has some cool features which other apps don’t offer like avatars and masks. If you’re looking for something good with great reliability, Tango should be your choice. Sometimes old is gold!

3.WhatsApp Do we’ve to say something? Who doesn’t know this green giant that made everyone its admirer. Video calling may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when talking about WhatsApp. However, its one of the most popular video calling apps on Play Store. The beneficial part of using this app is the higher probability that the person whom you want to talk would have this app on his smartphone too.

4.Viber isn’t an old application but it had its heart set on and now is on a pig’s back. You can call anyone on your contact list who is on Viber without paying anything. Its free and allows you to chat with your friends too. Viber offers a huge collection of funny emoji and GIFs to go with your chat sessions.

5.Skype has stood its ground since beginning. You’re not much familiar with video calling if you don’t know Skype. This application used to be in the monopoly of video calling apps and it has ruled the world before other apps jumped in. The design may not be perfect but the total number of people know about it, is the actual strength of this application.

6.Google Duo is one of the handiest video calling applications. You don’t have to be a geek to operate GD. You can simply log in, verify your mobile number and make headway. Google Duo is said to be an answer to Apple’s FaceTime. Knock-Knock feature of this app lets you know, what someone’s up to before you answer the call

7. Imo is one of the best video calling applications on Google Play Store. It is designed by using the latest programming technologies to help you make video calls in real time from any part of the world. Imo doesn’t charge you anything to let you talk to your friends and family and see them talking to you. Imo works over 4G, 3G and on any reliable Wi-Fi connection.

JusTalk is one of the sincerest apps which targeted the video calling as its major and made rest of the features as its secondary concentration. JusTalk uses your Facebook’s credential to validate your account and lets you connect to your friends. It offers group video calling, free calling, doodling and games in video chat. So if you’re not looking for an app that comes with a package of multiple things which you don’t require, JusTalk is made for you.

Conclusion:Video Calling app for Yahoo

You can download any of the above mentioned apps on Google Playstore. If you need our video calling apps software, message us via contact section, as we got all kinds of video calling apk tool.

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