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Free Apps To Send Fake Bank Alert

Everything is not all About about money, if you glance through the internet you will see different kinds of software developed by hackers for sending fake bank alert,but are not free,but very expensive.because of this effect many of us would want to send fake bank alert to buy some stuffs simply because you’re broke and don’t have money to pursue your needings.

That’s why i will be teaching you free apps which i personally uses to send fake bank alert without spending any money as a broke guy.

These apps we are about to mention are the tricky ways to make money,and it is so simple that anyone with just a mobile phone can do it unlike other softwares.

With these apps,you can send fake bank alert to any bank account in Nigeria regardless of the bank account you want to send the fake money to.

Before then,I want you to know that this trick is very dangerous,and risky in the sense that,you can be arrested for trying this on anybody because it’s against the constitution law, that anyone got in fraudulent act shall be sent to prison.

So Before you decide to send someone a fake bank alert, you should be sure that you can escape if anything comes up and it’s advisable to always use them on stranger’s.So they wouldn’t caught you.

And Most times,I recommend that you do it at night when no one can see your face.Don’t try this in a public place because you will get caught,beaten,and arrested.In extreme cases,people can become a jungle.

Many of my guys whom we all uses these tricks are caught and sent to prison, simply because they don’t know how to use them when to use the apps and when not to use them in sending fake alert.

I also believe you might have come across cases like this in your locality, where some guys are thoroughly massacred because of this fake bank alert crime.That’s why you must be very careful about using these apps in sending fake bank alert to any one.

Our purpose of writing this article, is to educate you properly on “sending fake bank alert” before carrying out the risk,because i see some guys being in haste to send fake bank alert without understanding too well the penalties involved.

This article,is to educate you.Read and understand properly,and please don’t forget to ask questions if there is anything you understand better.Because safety first before money

Before we continue,i want to write a brief description of what fake bank alert is all about.for you to understand better incase your a newbie here. Because some people still don’t understand how fake bank alert works

What is Fake Bank Alert?

Fake bank alert simply means the process of sending fake money to bank account with the help of apk tools which cannot be withdrawn,or spent because it is Fake.

How Does fake money appear?

The fake money will reflect in the recipient account immediately it’s being flashed by any of the apk softwares but has limited days in the account usually 14days and after which it’s disappears automatically from the recipient account.

Now that you have understand too well how fake bank alert works and the risk involved

The main fake bank alert app which i will be teaching you today is

Loftysms App

Warning:Before downloading any of these apps,make sure you read this post to the end and know how to use it properly in order not to put your life at risk.
I will also write you the Bank alert format to see how to trick your client into believing you.

This article will teach you on how to use the apps in sending fake bank alert safety without being caught and arrested.So please read and understand properly before taking any step of downloading the softwares on your device.

Requirements of Sending Fake Bank alert?

1.fake bank transfer app
2.fake alert message

Note that you must appear in a convincing clothe.wear something decent that the shop owner will think you can buy in their shop.You can also wear a nice perfume, please make sure you’re properly dressed. So they wouldn’t suspect you.

Do also request to speak with the manager because the manager or the owner of the shop could be extremely careful,so you’re advised to always speak with the salesperson and also giving them tips from the extra cash you will carry with you to enable them not to suspect anything. always Appear decent and real before using any of these fake bank alert apps.

How to do fake bank alert in Nigeria?

.Loftysms App

This is a very powerful app that you can use to do fake bank alerts.I will use a pictorial diagram to explain how it is used to send the fake bank transfer alert.
You can download this very app on Google Playstore.

All you have to do is download and install the app on your device and after which,you can open and register as a beginner before you start using the account in sending fake bank alert, very safe and secure that you can operate anonymously without being tracked.

Once successfully registered,

Login into the app after creating an account with the same details you used in creating the account. Such as email,password and then click on login

Login your account.

There after you can visit the Interface and Create your Fake Alert.
And then click on send SMS. And you will be immediately directed to where you going to create the fake SMS. It’s very easy to use.

You can now Create the Fake Bank Alert

Haven click on send SMS,another dashboard will display asking you to input the following details:

Sender ID:This is the name of your banks that will send you the alert to your phone

Recipients:is your phone number and where you will get the alert

Message:This is where you will type the debit alert that usually comes from the banks. Make sure you know your own bank’s format before sending it.

Send Message:Once you are done typing, the next thing is to hit the “send message” button, and you are good to go

Other fake Bank Alert apps are as follows

2.Flash Fund Tool

You can as well check out on these above listed apps,by using downloading them on Google Playstore, very fast and easy to use.Just follow these steps.

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