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Telegram Forex Trading Yahoo Format PDF

This Article is going to be short so kindly read from beginning to the end of this post.

When it comes to this format I have written Article on How To Do Yahoo On Telegram the Article their explain a little on it.

But don’t worry I am going to be teaching you how to do that.

Before doing Yahoo business you will be needing so tools that will help you to excel, which I am going to list below.

Requirements for Forex Trading Yahoo

2.Mobile Phone/Pc
3.Socal Media Channel
4.Fake phone number
5.Fake Bancount
6.Mobile Phone/Pc

This is your main gadget when it comes to binary Yahoo format also known as Forex Trading Format, you don’t really need necessary stress you can also do it with a good Andriod phone but pc is still recommended.

Social Media Channel

Telegram/WhatsApp/Facebook Account
You will be needing those account because it will serve as the purpose of advert, let me say it will be your means of advertisement.

Fake Mobile Number

This number will enable you to communicate with your client, but take note, the number must not be your personal number, you must get a new sim for the purpose of this Forex Trading yahoo scamming format.

Fake BanK Account
You should consider opening a fake mobile account, which I have written Article on How To Open A Fake Bank Account you can check it out.

So next step known is on how to Do Yahoo using the Forex Trading Format

I am going to be telling you how to do that below:

Just note that the above tools are the necessary requirements when it comes to forex trading yahoo format.

How To Do Yahoo Using Forex Trading Format

When it comes to this method all you have to do is to join Forex Trading WhatsApp group, Telegram Group and Facebook group,

Next thing is to start adding people from that group to your own group, you can choose to use WhatsApp or telegram as your own group.

But I will seriously advice you to make use of telegram group since you can get unlimited members on telegram.

Ok to do this,You will still be needing Facebook account.

What you need to do is to sponsor an advert on Facebook using your telegram group in sponsoring the ads on Facebook in other to get members.

Use a fake Forex Trading screenshot to sponsor the ad on Facebook in other to get people attention to join the group.

So after getting your respective members now is time to bill them.

Take Note:This Forex Trading Format is just a local scam for Yahoo.

How To Bill A Client Using Forex Trading yahoo Scam Format

So is now time to bill those your members on your telegram group.

Simple format message to use in billing your client

You will start your message like this on the group that is after getting members.

Hello My Name Is Mr Rich, I am A forex trader king, you all are highly welcome to this group.

What we do here is to help you trade and get back your trading fee and Profit in 2days using our accurate trading signal.

List your trading price both in naira and dollar and also the profit to gain at the end of every trading.

So you will still continue.

After you must have done with the list of the price and profit to earn then you will drop your fake number for people that are interested to chat you up.

So when they chat you up, you will drop your fake Account details for them to make their payment.

When they make the payment tell them to send you their payment prove that is for you to make sure they have made the payment.

And also to know who and who that pay.

So after that the next step is to block the person since you have gotten the payment, make sure you block the person from all your social media Account and also remove him from your telegram group.

Keep doing same thing and keep making money but make sure at a start you should not charge your client more that 100,000 so they will not feel like it’s a scam.

This format work both locally and international but if you want do it internationally, you will be needing a PayPal Account and not bank account.

That is all.

Conclusion:Forex Trading Yahoo Format
The Above Information is all you need to know about the Forex Trading yahoo format, Read and implement, stay safe.

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Download Telegram Forex Trading Yahoo Format PDF

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