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Paypal Limitations For Nigerians

In this article, we shall be discussing most Paypal Limitations and frequently asked questions and answers about using a PayPal account in Nigeria perhaps to help you learn more about how PayPal works.

Ever since the launch of PayPal in Nigeria, millions of citizens has been using this secured payment method to make purchases online and also pay other merchants both locally and internationally without any issue.

But even with the fact that you can now create a working PayPal in Nigeria and do online transactions with it, you must have in in mind that there are still some Paypal Limitations that you must be ready to face as soon as you’re ready to start using PayPal in Nigeria.

We have listed some Paypal Limitations and restrictions you should expect in all time while using the PayPal account in Nigeria.

Latest PayPal Limitations In Nigeria

Below are some Paypal Limitations you must take proper note of as a PayPal users in Nigeria

1.Multiple Accounts:

This PayPal Limitation isn’t only applicable to Nigerians but to all PayPal users.

By default,You’re not Allowed to manage more than one PayPal account unless your initial account has been terminated for either policy violations or other reasons. You’re allowed to use only one account.

Using multiple PayPal accounts from the same IP is termed policy violation which might lead to loosing your PayPal accounts.

2. You cannot Restore Banned PayPal account

This is one reason why you must adhere to all their policies because ones your account get banned, there’s no available option to restore it.

Unlike other online payment gateways where you can see the appeal page. in the case PayPal, it’s different, so be mindful not to violate PayPal policies.

3.Your PayPal funds can’t be manipulated to your Bank.

Unlike other top countries like USA, Canada etc where you can withdraw your PayPal funds directly to your bank account.

In Nigeria,you cannot withdraw your PayPal earning directly to your local bank account. For now Nigerians are restricted from doing that.

That doesn’t mean you cannot convert your PayPal funds to Naira: The best options Nigerians has been using to do this is selling PayPal funds to clients while they get paid in Naira equivalent.

Aside that,You can also use your PayPal funds to shop online from both international and local online stores. These are the only two available means to spend your PayPal funds in Nigeria

You must be at least 18years old to Use PayPal

Unfortunately,you cannot use PayPal in Nigeria till you’re 18 and above.

The main truth behind this FAQ is that you can actually lie to PayPal…lol. After all they won’t see you and after all they don’t know you. We can actually cheat on PayPal in this aspect.

PayPal FAQs and Frequently Asked questions and answers

Can i add more than one Card to my PayPal account?

Sure,there’s as an option to add multiple cards to one PayPal account.

Which Cards do PayPal supports?

Paypal supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Debit or Credit Cards.

Which site can i use Nigeria PayPal?

As far as your Nigeria Paypal account has been verified, you can use it to shop on any online store with PayPal shopping Cart.

Which device is compatible to get PayPal registered?

You can use any device to register and verify your PayPal account in Nigeria. BOTH Mobile and PC of all type as PayPal is compatible on all devices.

Can i transfer PayPal Funds?

Sure, you can transfer your available PayPal funds to other PayPal users in Nigeria and outside Nigeria

In Conclusion
From the above subscriptions, you just learnt some main PayPal Limitations and frequently asked questions and answers about PayPal.

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