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Pastor Billing Format For Yahoo PDF

There are so many formats at which guys in the street uses to make money in the social media platforms. In this article, we shall be discussing the pastor billing format which is used by most hustlers in the street.

What is pastor Billing Format

The pastor billing format simply means when someone claims to be a pastor perhaps he is not.their main purpose is to collect money from believers in different social media platforms such as facebook,Instagram,Twitter,LinkedIn etc.

The truth about this format is that,as a true believer of God,whom has the fear of God don’t need to involve in using this kind of format all because of making money.because there is punishment for it.

Its advisable to use every other formats in yahoo business such as Yahoo Sugar Daddy And Mommy Formats PDF,dating format,Bitcoin format etc which we discussed in our previous post.Instead of involving in this forbidden act.Which is totally against the will of God

My purpose of writing this article is to educate you on how the pastor format scam case you come across them in any of these social media you could easily know and avoid them.

Sample of the pastor billing format

Greeting my brother/sister in the lord, the lord has directed me to you,especially as I am quite active on this platform and routinely pray for followers and people I come across on this platform. You’ve been going through some rough patches recently, and I am sent to tell you that the end is nigh.

In terms of finances, things haven’t been really going quite well for you, but today I am here to tell you that miraculous things have been destined to happen. It is planned and arranged by the most high, so be expectant of your blessings.I am just a messenger, and I have delivered the message.

I am a full-time minister,and I live by donations of people. So if you are touched and would love to donate to my ministry,I would greatly appreciate it. God bless you.Here is my PayPal address {then insert your PayPal address}


As a yahoo boy,or a beginner please don’t use this very format. Because it’s against the will of God. but you can use everyother format.for yahoo business but not this particular one.

Thanks for reading

See you in our next article.

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