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Latest Paypal Carding Scam For Easy Cashout

In today’s article,we are going to share with you a newly PayPal scamming method but before then, let’s quickly flash back on our previous article where we discussed, what the term carding means, and latest Amazon Carding Method for 2023.Click here to learn more

Meaning of Carding As Discussed Earlier

Carding:is a credit card fraud in which a stolen credit card is used to change prepaid cards or purchase gift cards.

Carding typically involves the holder of the stolen card or card information purchasing store brands gift cards, which can then be sold to others or used to purchase other goods that can be sold for cash. Credit card thieves who are involved in this type of fraud are called “carders.”

In this article, we are precisely going to discuss PayPal Carding, Transfer, And Easy Cash out methods. First. there are some Requirements you need to get ready, before getting started for PayPal carding which are as follows :

Requirements For PayPal Carding

The following are step to follow before Carding PayPal


STEP 1:Buy A Live PayPal CC.


STEP3:Fake Email Address

1.Live PayPal CC
You will first,need to buy a live PayPal CC with complete billing information for a successful PayPal carding because if your PayPal CC is Dead? There is absolutely no trick to make your carding successful. It’s either going declined

It’s also advisable, before carding on PayPal, you should first check your PayPal CC if it is live or dead. by visiting the and sign up with the card, if successfully signed up? Then your CC is alive. Or you can as well visit the to see if it’s connected
Read also how to use PayPal account in Canada

2 Socks5
The Socks5, is highly recommended for Carding, though I haven’t idea on how other Socks works, only used this Socks5 for Carding

Make sure, when enabling your socks, the proxy must be the same City, States, with your CC. You will confirm from the PayPal CC vendor, the Cc City and, State

Its advisable you used the premium VPN to set up your socks, also Sign up with a powerful VPN instead of free VPN.
Proton VPN is highly recommended

3.Fake Email Address

Before carding PayPal, your email must be the same with the PayPal Cc information.
use a Gmail address, because they hides sender IP anonymous.

If the PayPal credit card name is John Kerry, the email address you’re creating must be exactly the same name too. eg both Cc and email are expected to be, [email protected] as to make your account, pass the Amazon review.

PayPal carding transfer and Cash-out methods

PayPal Carding Method 1

NOTE that you are not allowed to pay on Amazon with a PayPal account directly. But with the PayPal Cash Card and PayPal Business Debit MasterCard, you can card Amazon.

Here Are The Steps To Take Before PayPal Carding

1.Create an Account on Amazon
No need to buy an Amazon account. Go to and create an account using the billing information on the PayPal CC.

NOTE:Set Socks proxy to the city of the CC.If you are using a premium VPN, set the IP to the city of the CC. For example, if the CC address in F
California your VPN must point to California. It also allows you to become anonymous while doing your carding

Also,make sure you use the email address that matches the PayPal CC name to create the Amazon account

2.Cart Items
After opening an Amazon account, I assume that you added the CC details to the account while signing up.

The security of Amazon is quite thorough, and you must be extremely careful to avoid being restricted.

Note that when you place an order with a new card for the first time, Amazon reviews it. But if the PayPal CC has been used some time ago on Amazon, it will not be reviewed

In other to convince Amazon that you are a real buyer, add items to the cart and spend some time looking at items.

I cart items below $80, but I always order an item below $70 to stay below the range .

Logout And Login

After adding the items to the cart, log out of the Amazon account. If you want to card faster, return to the account after 6 hours.

If you can spare 24 hours, that is cool. But when you want to login into the Amazon account, enable Socks and be sure it matches the billing address.

Checkout and Receive Item

When you sign in again after some hours, check out the item, and it will ship to the location of the PayPal CC.

Do not exceed $80 to avoid being restricted

Since it may be the first time the PayPal CC is used on Amazon, the account will be reviewed, and if it is successful, you can check out over $100 next time

Under This Method2 Below Are

Requirements To Card PayPal

Live PayPal account with balance and cookies

Live non-VBV CC


CC Cleaner


Note:This method does not require an Amazon account

Below are steps to card PayPal account:

Buy a PayPal Account

Before you login,connect the account using cookies to prevent 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).

Get Multi-Account

To card the PayPal account you purchased online, you need Multi-Account to change the user agent or remove the fingerprint verification

Add CC to PayPal

Login to the PayPal account and connect your CC.You can add your CC by navigating to your PayPal account

The required CC information include:

CC number

CC type

Billing address


Expiry date

Make a Donation Button
After you add your CC to the PayPal account,make a donation button on the account you intend to cash out. Now, pay with the hacked PayPal account that you purchased.

With the above guide,i believe you now understands,all what PayPal carding means, and how to get started, it’s another easy and simple way to make cool money, without stress,if you don’t understand? Please ask your questions on our comments section. And be patient, they gonna respond to you shortly.

If Needed any assistance Do not hesitate to contact our customer service, we can help you Always available, our mission is to satisfy our costumers better.

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