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How To Start Up A POS Business

I strongly believe,you must have be been searching for little income generating business,or might, have some thoughts of starting up a POS business in Nigeria

And simply don’t know how to get started.well,I must say welcome because we are going to fully discuss this in details for easy understanding.

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Without much wasting of your time,let’s go straight to the point before then let’s first talk of

Opay Requirements Of Being An Agent

There are certain requirements you will need to become an Opay Agent which includes:
1.Ability to read and write:

The most important requirement for any person desiring to be an Opay agent must be able to read, write and communicate.

2.You will be required to provide the following documents:means of identification,passport,utility bills, and CAC documents (optional)

3.Your ability to have good customers skill is important: customer relations skills will be an important skill in becoming an Opay agent.

4.You must have a location you intend to use for business: a smaller or medium size shop will be required for customer base contact.

5.Good android device with an internet connection:

How To Become An Opay POS Agent In Nigeria Now

In a breakdown,

What Is Opay All About?

Opay is simply a payment medium created and governed by opera mini software which allows their users to pay bills, transfer and receive payments, do shopping, pay for other products and services through the app or mobile web
browser known as opera mini.

How Do You Become An Opay Agent

STEP1:Online Registration

Visit Opay’s official website.


All the personal requirements details, which includes name,phone number,email address, and location. Ensure you fill in your active phone number and a valid email address.

Click the Sign up button and then

Wait for Opay to contact you.

While waiting it is necessary to prepare the following documents:

1.Your bank verification number (BVN)

2.Copy of national ID card, driver’s license or international passport

3.A utility or any dated bill no later than three months before the registration as evidence of your address

4.One passport photo

STEP2: App Installation

Download and install the Opay mobile app on Play Store or the official website.

Search for Opay using the search bar on your Google Play store

Ensure you see a similar logo and app by Opay digital services limited.

Install The app And Open.

Select your country,and enter your phone number.

You will get a message with a onetime access code;don’t bother on filling the onetime access code,as your phone will automatically synchronize with Opay if the phone number filled in the previous step is in the phone you are using to register. If your SIM card is on a different phone, input the code manually.

And then Click next to proceed to the next step.

STEP3: Filling the Form

Tap on becoming an Opay agent,

Then a form will be shown to you. Complete the about you form correctly.

You will get to a new page to set up your PIN.

This is a secret access code you will use to accessing or completing transactions. The format of the PIN will be stated. Click on create a PIN.

Go to your email address which you have filled in your form. Verify the message sent to you by Opay on mail.

A thank you message will pop up which means you’re done with your registration process.


Before this stage,Opay should have contacted you and then You are to meet them and finalize all registration process and also get your POS machine and other available materials to start up your business.

Make sure get the guidelines on how to use the device for your business and how to serve your customers well.

Also,know that the POS and other materials are given out freely once you have completed the registration process.


Benefits As An Opay Mobile Agent

You get to enjoy so many benefits as an Opay Agent which includes the following:

1.Opera pay will give you POS for free,as an agent you don’t have to pay for it.

2.You register with zero amounts.

3.Zero charges for all your transactions, ranging from airtime recharges,

4.electricity bills, cable TV subscriptions, cash transfer and withdrawal.

5.Opay’s agents get quick customer service feedback.

Opay’s Agent Commission

You earn a commission from your transactions.

The commission means the percentage of money paid you for the transaction you carry out on the Opay mobile app.
Enjoy 0.5% on all POS withdrawals
As an Opay agent,you will enjoy quick settlement and cash withdrawal from your wallet.

5.You earn money when you provide the following services to customers

1.Withdrawals and deposits
2.Bill payments
3.Airtime and data purchase
4.Referring people to use Opay

Features Of Opay App

1.Build an online presence:

2.List your products and services

3.Make an investment

4.Get quick loan

5.Transfer Money

6.Subscribe to pay TV

7.Electricity bill

8.Buy airtime

9.Buy data

10.Pay and receive by QR:

11.Fund your betting account

All will be on the usage guides in which they are going to issue to you after your registration is completed.

How to request for Opay/POS terminal?

Isn’t difficult to request for Opay terminal for your POS business,all you do now is follow the steps below

Step 1 Log in to the OPay app.

Step 2 Click on the More icon

Step 3 Click on my POS icon

Step 4 Accurately fill in the required information.

Step 5 Upload your bank statement for the last three months.

Step 6 Upload a valid ID Card (Passport, National ID or Driver’s License)

Step 7 Upload a picture of your business residence (Image clearly showing your storefront)

In case you don’t understand? Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or comments on comments section, for clarification

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