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How To Send Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria

If you look to our society today, you will notice that the rate at which people are being defrauded most especially the business men and women as a result fake bank alert is very high, and getting more higher all day.

Before i continue I’m going to share with you my experience about this fake bank alert, and how i felt victim by some scammers years back

Apart from my blogging job,I’m a full time business man,have achieved a lot through some of these published tools and updates which we publishes you can also make money because it’s good to help.

Dear brothers and sisters don’t be amazed about these updates which we always publishes here for you to also learn and make your personal money as a student or whatsever. Without depending on any one.

Everyone always have an history to tell

Someone was once poor but now proudly saying,am full time a bank account hacking billionaire both locally and internationally☺️

Let’s i forget,without much waste of Time as said earlier, i will be telling you my experience about this very fake bank alert Stuffs.

I was once a POS owner back in those years. Was doing so well in my pos business until a very day, a guy came to my store and demanded for my account number.

That he wants to transfer 200,000 to my bank account.because he hasn’t his debit card with him. Was so happy because i will be having great charges on the transaction.

I accepted,and gave him my account number as requested, and he now made transfer, and instantly, i received a bank SMS alert stating that i just received 2,3000 my bank account And as at then, i know nothing about fake bank alert and have never heard about it. If it’s truly exists.

After which he have send the money as claimed, he showed me his receipt and debit alert, was looking so real and its very hard to detect if it’s fake. I checked all details including dates etc they where all accurate and i gave the guy the sum of 200k.

Without any notice.reaching the next day in went to withdraw money from the bank and they said my bank account has insufficient funds To complete my transaction. My question was “How”? I showed them my balance

I explained everything,and the costumer care agent told me. It’s a fake alert transfer and that i have no money in my account. After more arguments i requested for a bank statement print out
Of which i checked and there isn’t any recorded transaction to be found

That was how i quited from POS Business, and starting asking myself how is this possible?

How Can i start doing fake bank alert?

So i came here online and started searching and searching was also scammed by some vendors until i met a blog named i contacted the owner and asked in details on how i could get started.

Fortunately he’s a kind person and sold some of the tools nothing new but flash funds and Zoalert which we have earlier discussed in our previous article.

Both Activation Code Are shared to that was how i started my operation till date which gathered enough money and then decided to flew here. in the United Kingdom.

Coming here,i called it a breakthrough because i got connected to top hackers whom i purchases tools and updates from. here in UK.

Years of experienced as a professional bank hacking blogger,i got questions like…

FAQS About Fake Bank Transfer Alerts

What is fake bank alert?

This is an illegal act of sending fake money to someone’s account with the help of highly developed and computerized app tool eg Flash Funds and Zoalert.

What’s the legit code for fake bank Transfer?

Well currently, there isn’t any specific code to send fake bank alert.but applications, most effectively the Zoalert And Flash Funds highly recommended as they are very safe and secures all transactions.

How Do i start to transfer fake bank alert?

You can get started by purchasing any of the the above mentioned app tools and activation code,which enables you to access for successful sending of your fake bank transfer alerts

How does fake bank transfer works

Nothing more then sending fake bank transfer alert to any bank account anonymously depending on the tool you’re using,but most recommended,is the Zoalert or Flash Funds

Legit fake bank alert apk in Nigeria?
1.Flash Funds

How long Does Fake Bank Alert Last in account?

14days Or more then

Fake Banks Alert For IPhone?

No need to panic because the Zoalert And Flash Funds has an IPhone,PC, And Android Version developed for sending fake bank alert.

The IPhone Version and PC version have great interesting features which includes banks logs spamming,Carding etc.

Is Fake Bank Alert legit or Scam

As we often receive this question from our new visitors and followers across the country, wondering if truly fake bank alert apps really works.

Does fake bank alert apps really exist?
Zoalert And Flash Funds app tool to everyone whom might have interest in sending fake bank transfer alerts.
Because according to research and experience using the Zoalert and Flash Funds apps tools, they are trusted by over 100,000 people across the world.

1.As best in loading bank accounts with money,

2.”Credibility”in the sense that any amount of money credited to the victim bank account, will receive the bank alert. And,

3.The Credited amount reflects and got added immediately to the victim’s account balance.but can’t be withdrawn.

In Summary

Haven read,my experience i strongly believe you truly understand the the above mentioned questions in case i forgot any?

Please don’t hesitate to ask our costumers service department for further clarification.hope to see you in our next article assure you is gonna be more hitter and interesting then this.

Have A Pleasant Day!

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Practically made a video On how Zoalert And Flash Funds Works in sending Fake Alert.Dm. With these softwares,

How to send fake Bank alert to Zenith, Eco, Access Bank,Keystone bank?


These tools has been a great and most active way of sending a fake bank alert to all Nigerian banks.

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