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How to Buy Bitcoin or any currency with luno app

Easiest guide to buy Bitcoin or any currency using the luno app

In today article,I’m going to guide you on how to buy any currency, it maybe, bitcoin, litecoin, chainlink.

What is luno?

Luno,is simply a company which allows you to buy and store crypt occurrences using the luno app safely and secured until the prices of the bought currency,rises either bitcoin, litecoin,or chainlink which has over 9 million customers in 43 countries and a team of over 600.

How to sign up with luno app?

All you have to do is first go to the Google Play store and download and install the mobile app. When done?
Click on sign in and create account, there after you can plug in your personal information, which includes, Name, phone number, password as well as using your Gmail account to sign up

you’ve just signed up for a Luno account, welcome! Here’s how you can buy crypto in three easy steps:

Haven signed up? It usually takes 24hrs or a day to complete signing up with luno.


Step 1:Verify your identity
Before you can make any transactions, we need to know a little bit more about you. If you haven’t already provided your details and documents to verify your identity, head over to Profile > Settings > Verification to get started.

Step 2: Make a deposit
Once you’re verified, you’ll need to fund your account with some regular old money to buy crypto. To do this:

Select Wallets from the menu

Open up your USD wallet

Select DEPOSIT to get started

Then follow the on-screen prompts to complete your deposit

Note:In the US,you can buy crypto directly with your debit card,so there’s no need to make a deposit first.Learn how to do this here.

Step 3:Time to buy!
Now that your Luno account is funded, you can buy crypto by following these steps:

Select Wallets from the menu

Select the wallet for the crypto you want to buy (or add a new wallet if you don’t see the one you want)

In your crypto wallet,select BUY near the top of the screen

Decide whether you want to make a Once-off purchase or set up a Repeat buy

If you selected Once-off:

Choose the currency you want to pay with (usually USD)

Enter the amount you want to buy

Select NEXT

Review your transaction details, including the service charge fee,then


If you selected Repeat buy:

You’ll see a screen that briefly explains repeat buy.Select NEXT

Enter the amount you want to buy

Choose the Frequency and the Repeat date

Select NEXT

Then select CONFIRM if you’re happy with the transaction details

Congrats! You now own some crypto.

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