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Food Billing Format For Yahoo (Complete Guide)

Are you searching for the best and legit method to Bill your client?

In this article we are going to discuss easy method at which you can easily use to Bill your client

Although there are so many methods regarding this very formats but depends on your method of Bombing either to direct clients or Spammed cPanel for Email Bombing method.

For easy Understanding,we gonna write a brief breakdown of what food billing format for yahoo mean.

What is food billing format yahoo

The food billing format simply means telling your client that you are staving and that you haven’t eaten for some couple of days.because of something that has happened and need help immediately.

One thing you must understand is that white people are usually sympathetic towards humanity and couldn’t allow any thing to hurt their love ones. Once you know this,then it becomes easy for you to understand how to position your format.

Before billing your clients,firstly spend time in composing your message to sound real so that he or she wouldn’t suspect you’re jampathizing with his or her feelings For easy payment and make sure, you know when to discuss it with him or her.

Like I mentioned earlier,this format is in two parts;the first one is for the bombing,while the second one is targeted to a specific client you are already in contact with.which we gonna be discussing in detailed soon.Read to the end.

Before then, there are necessary Things you need to get ready.

Tools Needed for the Food Billing Format

So let me quickly share with you how I used this format to get over $3000 from a client.So,I was chatting with my I stopped responding to his messages for some while after he continued texting me continuously asking what happened, I told him that someone used identity theft and ripped me off over $50,000 in my bank account.

Or wound also informed the client that I hadn’t eaten for days due to a lack of financial support,and I would need to get a loan or something to pay back. I begged the client for some help to eat and buy foodstuffs,and boom, he requested my preferred means of payment and sent me money.

Well,I actually used the money to buy food, flex,and do a whole lot with the money, so I actually kept my promise. Hahahaha.

So let me show you some tools you need for this format to work

1.Doctored Screenshot

Most importantly, Make sure you should have a screenshot showing your bank’s conversation that your account has been breached or restricted from gaining access due to some reasons.

Or Alternatively, you can show that of a friend where you are complaining that someone has hacked into your account and taken a considerable amount of money from your bank account.

This doctored chat will show more credibility than when you are just complaining without offering any proof. So do well to create a fake discussion or fake email message from your bank. That way, when you ask for help, it would seem genuine.

2.(well Composed format write up) How To write yahoo Food Billing Format

You need to make sure, that your write-up is prepared , and you should also have extra write-ups if someone sends messages to your email.

3.Payment Method

It is not very essential to get a bank account for this, but you must ensure you make the payment method very easy.

so that people from far country can send you money even if it is as low as $5 or $10. Beware that if people keep on sending a little money, it will keep on accumulating and making it huge at the end of the day

For security reason, I recommend you create a 3rd party account with GoFundMe. If you do so, the description will not be only about yourself, but it will be sent in a 3rd person tone. It is similar, and it represents an organization trying to offer assistance to humanity, and the money is yours

How And where To use the yahoo food Billing Format

1.Food Billing Format for Direct Client

This is a near-perfect sample of how the food billing format should look like before answering other questions yourself. But ensure you send in the screenshot before penning down this write-up to prevent any form of suspicion or doubt.

Sample of Food Billing Format For Direct Client

Hi Kennedy,

I shouldn’t be doing this, but there’s nothing else I can do. I’m in a bit of a pickle right now; maybe you didn’t notice or check, but I’ve been missing from social media for a while. When I awoke,I discovered that all of the money I had been saving for a long time had been stolen from me. I called my bank to fix the situation and maybe reclaim my funds, and they, unfortunately, informed me that I had been a victim of identity theft.

They are now supporting me in retrieving the funds since the fraud department said that they are aware of where the funds were moved and can recover them. They did, however, establish a time limit of a few weeks, three to be exact

Because of the identity theft, I was a victim of, I now have no means of living or surviving. Meanwhile, I would appreciate it if you could lend me a tiny bit to help me buy food and find a method to get myself to work. Thank you very much

2.Spammed cPanel for Email Bombing

In Disturbing people’s emails, as mentioned earlier, then you will have to get a spammed cPanel. It is not advisable to use popular email marketing software like MailChimp or SendingBlu because they have a harsh and restricted law that prevents spamming.

For successful operation,while using this format,simply go for a spammed cPanel and email bombing

Sample of Spammed cPanel for Email Bombing message To Clients

Dear humanity,

You may be getting this message out of the blues, but this is truly a call for help for someone who has taken a brave decision to be alive.

Bin Laden hails from Afghanistan, and he has tried every possible means to run away from the authoritarian rule there to defect to Israel. Currently, Bin Laden is stranded in Afghanistan, and he is hungry, even to death. He requires a small amount of money to purchase food items and other important items to survive before travelling to neighbouring Israel.

All his family members have been murdered in Afghanistan’s civil war, and he is the only one that managed to survive. Would you please let’s assist him and offer him another chance to be successful in life? If you can provide any amount, even if it is $5 or $10, it would be greatly appreciated.

We can do this!

Kind Regards

John Kelly

In Conclusion
Now that you fully understand how the food billing format works,and it can be easy for you to do very similar things even if you use another strategy. Basically,the most important thing is to use this format in multiple ways and still achieve the same outcome of cashing out huge amounts of money.

Thanks for Reading

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